Protect Our Republican U.S. Senators by Secret Ballot Impeachment Vote

Our government is still under threat by trump and trump’s mob. trump is openly threatening half the members of his jury. He vows to support a primary challenger against any Republican Senator or Representative who votes to impeach him. His mob sought to find and kill Representatives, Senators and even Vice President Pence — anyone who didn’t try to disrupt the election — as they assaulted the Capital. All of us — Democrats, Republicans, and others — must come to the aid of our Republican Senators and make it possible for them to do their job without fear of retribution by trump and his mob. Please sign this petition to demand a secret ballot vote in the impeachment trial of ex-president trump. Sign it and share it everywhere in your social media. This won’t interfere with giving trump a fair trial, but it will protect our Congressmen from this subversive threat. Copy this link and share it:

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