Grand Canyon Day 4: Nautiloid to Nankoweap

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We did much better at getting going today.  Cereal for breakfast was fast and easy.  It is warmer and sunny.  About 60 degrees warming up to over 70.  Gotta love this Canyon weather.  I changed our plan from going 15 miles to Dinosaur Camp to going 18 miles to Nankoweap, which is a better camp and has a great hike.  Before we left camp we hiked up to see the fossils embedded in the rocks.

Ariel checking out a nautiloid fossil in the Grand Canyon

Ariel checking out a nautiloid fossil.

Ariel enjoyed hiking up and sliding down the dry creek bed.

Hiking at Nautiloid Canyon

Hiking at Nautiloid Canyon

She also found a flower that only bloomed at night.  It looks much like a morning glory. (later research revealed it is called sacred datura.  The plant is toxic and hallucinogenic.)

Sacred Datura flower in the Grand Canyon

Sacred Datura flower

TRIP TIP: NRS makes a map case specifically designed to fit the Grand Canyon river map book.  While the map book is made of waterproof paper, the pages hold the water long after it gets wet (mine was still wet and sandy when I got home from the trip a week later.)  The case would also be good for charging a solar charger while on the river during the day.

We left camp at 10:00 and reached Nankoweap at 3:30.  Lunch was at President Harding camp.  Strange day for injuries.  Craig cut his finger on a can lid; Kathleen told me that Elizabeth has a bad cut on her elbow from 2 days ago that is now swelling up; and Captain Shu had Craig row his boat because his hand was swollen from getting hit by the oar handle or Natalia’s knee while rowing through a rapid.  Kevin also took a break from paddling his kayak to row Kika’s raft.  Lucy joined me and Ariel for the day.  I like rotating the passengers.  It gives a chance to spend time together and get to know people.  I got to hear more about how Gary and Lucy live on a canal boat in England.  It’s a lot like living in a motor home.  Their simplistic lifestyle makes it easy to afford big adventures like this one.  They toured Italy just before this trip.

Jay was playing his guitar while drifting down the river today, even while floating through a smaller rapid.  Now THAT’S living on Canyon Time!

Playing guitar on the river

Playing guitar on the river

When we reached Nankoweap we found that the main camp was already taken, so we went down to the lower camp.  Not quite as nice, but a few people found some particularly private tent spots in the trees and tamarisk.  Spaghetti for dinner.  Gary, Lucy and I were on cleanup.  I decided to make tomorrow a layover day.  We’re all ready for one.  That should give some time to assess the injuries too.

The trail to the groover is right beside the river, but Captain Shu brought a collection of solar powered lawn lights that look like flowers.  They work great for lighting the path with a soft glow.

View from the groover

View from the groover

TRIP TIP: The solar powered lawn lights are very handy.  I keep one just outside my tent to make it easier to locate in the dark.

I am the last one to go to bed (10PM)  As I lie here writing, it is interesting to rub on the sleeping bag and see the static electricity light up so brightly.  No moon tonight.  Lots of stars in the sky and a planet, probably Jupiter.  Darn, we forgot to put the dishes away from the drying rack.  I had better go do that!  If they are left out overnight, they get covered in sand.  The sand blows easily because it is so fine.  It seems to get into everything.

Sunrise: 6:30
Put in: 10:00 AM, mile 35
Lunch: mile 44
Take out: 3:30 PM, mile 53.5
Sunset: 5:40
Sunny, 60-70 degrees

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