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Notes client doesn’t launch after upgrade: SOLVED

I like to share when I find a solution that hasn’t been previously documented in a technote.  The short story is this:  If you encounter the following error when trying to launch Notes:  CWPA4003W: Failed to load application from url: nrpc:/….nsfname=…


CWPA4003W: Failed to load application from url: nrpc:/….nsfname=…

Then start by doing traditional maintenance on the local databases, especially names.nsf

The details:
You may encounter this error after a variety of events.  In this particular case Notes gave this error and would not launch after running the installer to upgrade from 9.0.1 FP10 to 9.0.1 FP10 SHF315.  The error persisted even after uninstalling and re-installing Notes — the first indication it might not be a problem with the software.  Also, Notes would launch in basic mode or if you right click and select Run As Administrator.  That misguided my troubleshooting into thinking it was an issue with Eclipse or Java.  There is a similar issue reported in this technote:

Detailed steps to fix:
1.  Edit the notes.ini and make sure it has the following line based on the version of Notes installed:
(If you have an earlier version, you have bigger problems and should be upgrading to the latest version, currently that is 10.0.1 FP3)
2.  Launch a cmd prompt and change the path to the Notes program directory
3.  enter these commands one at a time in this order:
nfixup names.nsf
nupdall names.nsf -R
ncompact names.nsf
(Note: it will prompt for the Notes password.  When you type it in, nothing will appear to happen until you press enter.)

I highly recommend executing these commands on ALL of the local databases.  To do so, just leave “names.nsf” out of the commands you enter.



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