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Bothell, WA Mayor Mark Lamb in Sex Scandal Mirrors General Petraeus in Washington DC

What does Bothell, Washington and Washington DC have in common?  How about a sex scandal involving leaders that finally revealed their true lack of integrity and demonstrated why they can’t be trusted that they will serve the best interests of the people.  Within a week of General Petraeus resigning after his extramarital affair was exposed, the improprieties of our mayor Mark Lamb here in Bothell, WA have been similarly revealed.

In the past, there have been questions about Lamb’s motives in how he influenced city activity from which he or certain developers may have benefitted. But when he demonstrated that he would discard  the sanctity and oath of his marriage for the sake of his own personal gratification, Mayor Mark Lamb threw his moral integrity right under the bus.  So why would our community have any reason to believe that Mr. Lamb would be any more faithful in upholding his oath to protect the best interests of the City of Bothell over his own personal gain when he wouldn’t even uphold his oath to his own wife?

I expect this latest incident will eliminate any chance of his re-election.  I hope Mr. Lamb will accept the fact that the public has lost all confidence in his ability to serve as mayor of Bothell and will resign his post promptly.  You can read more about this story at

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