Bothell, WA Mayor Mark Lamb in Sex Scandal Mirrors General Petraeus in Washington DC

What does Bothell, Washington and Washington DC have in common?  How about a sex scandal involving leaders that finally revealed their true lack of integrity and demonstrated why they can’t be trusted that they will serve the best interests of the people.  Within a week of General Petraeus resigning after his extramarital affair was exposed, the improprieties of our mayor Mark Lamb here in Bothell, WA have been similarly revealed.

In the past, there have been questions about Lamb’s motives in how he influenced city activity from which he or certain developers may have benefitted. But when he demonstrated that he would discard  the sanctity and oath of his marriage for the sake of his own personal gratification, Mayor Mark Lamb threw his moral integrity right under the bus.  So why would our community have any reason to believe that Mr. Lamb would be any more faithful in upholding his oath to protect the best interests of the City of Bothell over his own personal gain when he wouldn’t even uphold his oath to his own wife?

I expect this latest incident will eliminate any chance of his re-election.  I hope Mr. Lamb will accept the fact that the public has lost all confidence in his ability to serve as mayor of Bothell and will resign his post promptly.  You can read more about this story at


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  1. Another mistress is now stepping forward. When this trial begins, taxpayers will be appalled at Lambs behavior, lack of integrity and downright dishonest activities. Theres a huge “paper trail”.

  2. So, Mark turns off the cameras during the visitor’s comments of the Nov 20th, 2012 City Council meeting, so the public can not see what people think about our mayor! What a crock of *&#%. The camera was off for 30 minutes… why? so for the next two weeks when the replay was shown, we the public could not see his scolding by the public. Lamb needs to resign! How many more dollars do we have to spend to send him on training only to have to pay for his personal gratification. He made an oath to his wife and family and broke that, he should not represent the honest people in Bothell. Mark Lamb does not represent me!

  3. Last night I attended the Bothell City Council meeting to join others in voicing our concerns over Mayor Mark Lamb’s ongoing illicit sexual acts with an employee of his law office over the past 2 years. Coincidentally, there was also a person who would be giving comments on funding for domestic violence victims who was herself a victim of domestic violence. This individual approached the mayor before the meeting and requested that the video and audio of her not be broadcast to protect her identity. In response, when the meeting began, the mayor requested to have the live video/audio feed to the public access channel turned off for the entire comments portion of the meeting; not just during the presentation of that one speaker, but the entire comments portion. This means citizens did not get to hear comments for a number of topics presented, including comments on the funding of resource officers for the school district as well as, conveniently, any comments that would be made regarding the recent disclosure of the mayor’s extramarital affair. Patrick Ewing alone challenged Mark’s recommendation for the entire comments portion to be off the air, suggesting that the cameras be turned off only for the one speaker making the request. Lamb didn’t agree and all other council members were dead silent, so that was the way it went.
    The domestic violence victim spoke first, so when I came up to speak I requested that the live feed be turned back on. The mayor’s response was that there may be more victims yet to speak, so they would not turn it back on, but assured me that the audio was being recorded and available later. What’s wrong with this picture? There were no more victims of domestic violence on the speakers list. The mayor knew there was only one victim to speak. He even stated so at the beginning of the meeting before the cameras were shut off.. (You can view the part of the meeting that was recorded at ) Supposedly the transcripts can be requested from the clerk, but the audio is not available.
    This manipulation of the meeting to serve the mayor’s agenda is an affront to us all, but is nothing less than I would expect given his prior actions. What did surprise me was how the rest of the council members were so silent throughout the public comments portion of the meeting. Pehaps they are taking a wait-and-see attitude on this matter as opposed to taking an active, leadership role. A note to the council members: As you think about what actions you should take, be sensitive that your silence gives the appearance of tolerance of this matter. I hope that is not the case. While Mayor Mark Lamb has proven his actions are not governed by his conscience,, I hope the rest of you will use your conscience as your guide in determining your actions. Please don’t wait for the public outcry. It is vital that our leaders be independent thinkers. Please do not just follow the lead of the mayor. To Councilman Patrick Ewing, thank you for making an effort to protect our rights for due process.
    I will be unable to attend the next 2 meetings, but I urge the public to attend the meeting and speak your mind in the public comments portion of the meeting, whether you agree or disagree with my position on the topic. The meetings are held at the Bothell Municipal Court (10116 NE 183rd St.) The next meeting is Dec 4 at 6:00 PM. Details can be found at

  4. Mr Hablewitz thank you for your attention on this issue. I see that the Dec. 4 City Council meeting has been cancelled. Any insight?

  5. Yes, they will meet again December 11. I won’t be there, but I encourage you to attend and voice your opinion. The beginning of every meeting is open for public comments. Just be sure to sign the speaker list on the signup sheet in the lobby. There may or may not be a meeting on December 18 depending on if they get the budget completed on Dec 11. Be sure to report what happens.

  6. Mark Lamb is not the man his voters think he was. He had a relationship outside his marriage from 2005 until November 2011… I know because thats when I ended things. I got fed up of his lies and realised not only me but his family deserved more and better.

  7. Alana, thanks for speaking out. I think we are seeing more of Mayor Mark Lamb’s lack of judgment on display with the speculative real estate ventures he has dragged the city into that are turning into a financial and environmental nightmare.

  8. Mr.Hablewitz&”ALANA”??/ thank you for the direct communications,on this site!!
    My Name is rosie,and I have attended a few meetings,in late 2013,and am just now finding this out!!
    Had it not been for this site,”I would not have known this,nor would most Bothell-residents”
    SO??,please keep on keeping on,(you know what I do-mean!!)You may contact me,thru the Secretary of the Court,IF you have anything you want brought up,at the next few meetings??..I need some support in getting some things done,for myself!!
    This thing of them asking that we give our name&Address&Phone number,caused me to have things go wrong at my personal address(mail stolen-Vehicle break ins,etc),and I asked the council to not do this,but,they are still using this foremat!!!

  9. I’m glad my post helped to increase awareness. Unfortunately, Mark Lamb is still on the city council, but at least he is no longer the mayor. Sorry to hear of your bad experiences, but don’t let that deter you from continuing to make the council aware of your position. They are our representation and should be kept accountable.

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