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Free version of Domino for development/testing

Yes, non-production IBM Domino servers can be run for free now.  You can set up a server for development or testing.  It must be installed as a utility server, not enterprise.
Read the official European IBM post here and the US post is here.

Find the software on DeveloperWorks.  Details on getting the FPs are still being worked out.



Engage 2018 User Group location: on a cruise ship!

This may be a first for user group meetings.  Engage will be held May 22-23 on the Holland America cruise ship SS Rotterdam.  How cool is that?  When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.  No need to search for the evening venues, etc.  It is all in one location.  And there is no worry about people arriving late or leaving early to catch a plane.  Awesome.  Start planning on it.  The hardest part is convincing your boss that this is a work-related professional development event.
Kudos to fellow IBM Champion Theo Heselmans!

How to fix sync issues after upgrading to Traveler or higher

A recent technote on the IBM support website was published that more clearly explains a new default value that may catch you by surprise.  It allows Traveler to access the mail file as the user rather than as the Traveler server.  This can be impacted by security settings in the server documents of the mail server and the Traveler server.  So if users are having issues with synchronizing their mail after the upgrade, this is a good article to start with for troubleshooting.

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