Geoffrey Castle: Proof the Violin is not Just for Orchestra Music

The Notes Guy in Seattle isn’t just about software.  There are some musical roots to the name too.  I would like to tell you about my friend and the inspiration that got me to pick up the violin as an adult.  He plays this crazy 6 string electric violin.  Yes Six strings.  As if a violin isn’t challenging enough.  He is an amazing musician and has a great stage presence.  One of those musicians that sounds great on the radio as well as on the stage.  Rock, Celtic, Blues, Country, it doesn’t matter, he plays it.  The only thing I haven’t heard him play is rap…yet.  He even has a  Christmas CD with his own original music. Then there is the musical ambassador work he does with schools. I think this speaks well to his character.
Geoffrey recently posted a great video of his story that I think you’ll enjoy. Check it out:

I have seen my share of big musicians in small venues before they were big names: Jewel at a free concert on Clearwater Beach FL; KT Tunstall in a bookstore here in the U district; Tom Petty at Dubbs in Gainesville, FL; The Church and R.E.M. at The Moon in Tallahassee, FL.  I am confident that one day in the future you will recognize Geoffrey Castle’s name the same way.  Here are a videos of three distinctly different pieces from his performances. Listen in and tell me what you think. Check out his website too.

Eric Robert and Dan Connolly, I don’t mean to sell you short. Post videos of your stories so I can link to them too.


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  1. Very amazing musician. Thanks for sharing.

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