SmartCloud Tips List

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SmartCloud Articles:
IBM published list of business partners certified in SmartCloud mail onboarding
SmartCloud Tip #01 Using the Notes admin client to compliment the SmartCloud web admin screens
SmartCloud Tip #02: Best Practices to get mail files ready to move to SmartCloud
SmartCloud Tip #03: Important Details to Setting the ACL on your Mail Files
SmartCloud Tip #04: Special considerations for Soft Deletions with MMR
SmartCloud Tip #05: Problems for mail and calendar delegates. You’ll get tons of helpdesk calls if you don’t do this
SmartCloud Tip #6: Dealing with Middle Initials
SmartCloud Tip #7: Notes BUILT-IN tool for migrating to SmartCloud
MWLUG presentation on Best Practices before, during, and after a move to SmartCloud


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