Why giving Designer Client away doesn’t matter to college students

(Reposted from my BleedYellow blog of Sept 22)

In some Caribbean islands, they had introduced weasels to try to control the rat population.  The only problem was that the weasels hunt during the day while the rats are active at night.  Instead the weasels went after birds and other species and mostly left the rats alone.   Well, targeting the new age of developers  with free Lotus Notes Designer software is much the same.

While it is good that Lotus Notes Designer is free, what is the point if the people most likely to use it can’t? That’s right, they can’t use it.  Why?  Because they have Macs.  Yes, at Bellevue College, right here in Microsoft land, at least 1/3 of the students working on a degree in web development own Macs.  These people like public domain software.  They use OpenOffice, iTunes, any browser except IE.  These are the same people who jump for any software that DOESN’T come from Microsoft.  Yes, so close, yet so far.

But would it really matter anyway?  I mean how many of these students have ever heard of Lotus Notes?  Seen it?  Know what it can do?  To them Lotus Notes is as unknown as the creator of the web (see my previous post.)  And if they know Ray Ozzie at all, he is just known as “the new guy at Microsoft.”

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