Daily Archives: November 4, 2010

NotesIsCool.com Website is Hot!

Send your end users to this site:  http://www.notesiscool.com/

Better yet, have them add the RSS feed to their Notes client http://www.notesiscool.com/feed/
and remind them to glance at the updates.  Publish it and re-publish it to your users often as they will forget.

This will expose them to the coolest features of the software at their fingertips, remind them daily in concrete terms why we all say Notes is cool, and put a feather in your cap as their favorite Notes professional for showing it to them.  There are 4 groups of people you MUST give this to:

1.  Secretaries and administrative assistants – Your best advocates or worst adversaries depending on what you teach them.
2.  Senior executives and vocal Notes nay-sayers – Their position and their loudness makes all the difference.
3.  Remote users and road warriors – They have no one to learn the tricks from and yet need them the most.
4.  Other Lotus professionals – Make it viral and as common as OpenNTF.org for maximum leverage (Darren, not used as a verb).

This is certainly a cool website.  Darren is proving that grass roots campaigns can make all the difference.  But it has no value if you don’t give it to the users of the software.

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