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Hey, why aren’t you on Sametime at  Get with the program.  With all this talk about social media, If you’re not on this public Sametime community, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to get connected to your fellow Lotus professionals, including me.
Here are the steps to connect to Sametime using the server at BleedYellow:
1.        Visit and register an account. Be sure to use your real name.
2.         Start Notes.  Pull down File – Preferences, expand the Sametime preferences and click on Server Communities.

Sametime Preferences

3.        The first time you add a community, Click Reset User (If you are already connected to your internal community, just click the Add New Server Community button).  It will prompt for new credentials.  Enter the credentials that you just created at the website.  For convenience, check the boxes to remember password and automatically login.

Sametime Login

4.        Click Login.  It will log you into Sametime and return to the Preferences screen.  Click OK.
5.        Expand the sidebar by clicking on the Sametime icon on the right side of Lotus Notes.

Sametime Sidebar

6.        Add contacts to your contact list.  Click on the icon to add contacts.  Follow the instructions on the screen to add contacts.

Add Sametime Contacts

Now let me know you’re there so I can add you to my buddy list too.  If you see the green dot by my name, it’s OK to send me a message.

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  1. It is asking for Server Community Port

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