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Social Media Challenge: Why are you at Lotusphere? (audience participation requested)

In a quick post before bedtime (I’m still on PST, so I can’t sleep yet), It was quite an adventure to get here, but I finally made it to Lotusphere 2011.  In less than 5 hours I’ve managed to meet up with many dozens of friends and associates, some for the first time face-to-face.  For all the fantastic knowledge to be gained from the sessions at this event, I always find it’s really the social aspects of the conference that make the difference.  To me, if you distilled the conference down to its essence, it’s all about the connections between people that make it worth the price for admission.  Ironically, that part is free.
Since this is all about social software,  and growing connections, I would like to invite you to post a quick response about why you are at Lotusphere 2011 (or why you are not here).  Don’t be shy.  You can even post anonymously if you choose.  Also, please be sure to find me and shake hands and share a business card and a word with me.  Follow me on twitter @davehabz to get the latest on where I am hanging out.  Also check here for a post and when in doubt, look for me around the fountain.

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