Apple Dominates In Seattle With 81% Mobile Market Share

I have been extremely busy lately, spending much of my time working on preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam (which I passed on Friday!), taking a class on entrepreneurship and small business management, and working on applying this knowledge in a practical way, at the sacrifice of my blog and sleep. But I thought I would take a quick break from my break to drop a few links for my MacFriends and to illustrate just how much this region is just like everywhere else when it comes to computer preferences.

Apple iOS Dominates Even In Seattle With 81% Market Share For Mobile Web Browsing

If you recall back in November 2010, I posted this article on the grand opening of Microsoft’s store here in town.  Well Apple responded by moving their store to a much larger space and in a dominating position upstairs from the Microsoft store. The first picture in my article is actually taken from what is now the view from the front of the Apple store looking down on the Microsoft store. Check out these articles. I will get some photos posted sometime when I find time.

Apple to move Apple Store Bellevue Square, double its size, cast shadow over Microsoft’s copycat store

Apple Digs at Microsoft With Bellevue Store Relocation

Now back to my studies.

-David, PMP


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