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When looking at the medal count from the 2014 winter Olympics, at a glance it appears the United States did really well finishing with the second-highest medal count of any country.

Medal Counts

Medal Counts

But then I saw Norway was in third place, and it made me wonder…
So I drafted a quick spreadsheet (using IBM SmartCloud Docs) and came up with this graphic, of medals per million people in each country. Suddenly the U.S. didn’t do so hot while Norway  totally owns the winter games, all 5 million people:

Medals per capita

Medals per capita

Norway even earned 8 times more medals than Canada!

Update: In the first 10 minutes of posting this article, Norway had by far the highest number of visits per capita!

2014 Winter Olympic Medals post visitors per person


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  1. Another interesting graphic would be: medals won by percentage of population that actively participate in a winter sport. I’m trying to think of ways to push the UK up the ranking 🙂

  2. Well Nick, UK did come in 4th place among UK and its colonies. OK, how about medals per square mile (or kilometer) of the country? Or medals per acre of ski area? or medals per number of ski areas and ice rinks? Would that help? 😀

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