Daily Archives: February 18, 2015

New versions of Connections plugins for Windows Desktop and Notes

If you work with IBM Connections or Connections Cloud Social, there are two cool plugins to install on your Computer. I have posted about these before, but new updates were published February 6, 2015. It’s time to download and distribute updates to your users. (BTW, you can use the Smart Upgrade tool to do this.)  There are two plugins.  The first one gives access to Connections from your Windows PC as if it were just another disk drive.  Check out the details and download from Greenhouse.

The second plugin is for your Notes client.  This one works on all Notes clients regardless of the operating system (Linux, Mac, Windows).

This gives you access to various components of Connections from within your Notes client.  Functionality is different for Connections Cloud Social users vs. Connections on-site.  Read the description on Greenhouse for details.

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