A migration to Google: week 1

I will follow up later with more details on the migration experience, but here is a quick glimpse into the users’ reactions the first week after switching a company from Notes to Google.
How do I know if my reply has the history or not?
How do I reply with the attachments and then edit the attachment before sending it back?
Do I have mail? It doesn’t really tell me when I have mail? I keep having to hit Refresh to see if I have mail.
Why do I have to go to the tab with my email to see my instant messages?
How do I see if someone is online in Hangouts?
I keep missing when people IM me in Hangouts. How do I make it pop to the front?
Where did you migrate my journal entries that I kept in my Notes journal?
My todos (tasks) were migrated, but now they all show up on the date they are due instead of the date they are supposed to start. Can you fix that?
All I see is a Send button. There isn’t a Send and File.. How do I Send a message and File it into a folder (label) at the same time?
I really like the search. But how do I sort the inbox by sender?
How do I know if I am in my personal gmail account or my work account? This is confusing.

If I get a meeting invitation, how do I counter with another time?
The “View on Google Calendar” link within a meeting invitation just opens the invitation details. How do I check my calendar to see my availability before accepting a meeting invitation?
How do I make files on my computer open in Google Docs when I double-click them?
How do I recall a message?
How do I send an attachment over 25MB to an external recipient?

In general, the users say it works OK for mail. That is the core of what they are using.  The file sharing via Drive is a new process for them, but being adopted for internal sharing. Not well received for external sharing. Calendaring & Scheduling and instant messaging are getting the biggest complaints. More questions keep coming. The answers to most of these are not what they want to hear.  If you are planning a migration of any sort, be sure to thoroughly test the edge cases. That has proven to be where most of the issues are coming from and impacting business processes.  This makes sense. I have often heard executives refer to email as a commodity.  And the core of delivering messages from sender to recipient is just that. The question that should be asked is how complete and fine-tuned are the portfolio of services incorporated into that core?


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