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Seeking questions for the “Ask IBM” session at Connect 2016

Each year I like to gather questions from the IBM Collaboration Software community that I think would have widespread interest and ask them at the “Ask IBM” session at IBM Connect.  (In the past it was Lotusphere and the “Ask the Developers” and “Ask the Product Managers” sessions.)  This is a call for submissions from you, the community, to share with me any questions you would like to have asked, but you are not able to attend and ask yourself or don’t want to stand at the mic.  Please post them as a comment to this post.  I will gather them up and try to get the answers to as many as I can.  One of the things about being an IBM Champion for Social Business is a commitment to contributing to the community.  Watch for the answers shortly after the conference.

Here is a sample of questions from last year:
Recap of Ask IBM session (Ask the Developers and Ask the PMs) at IBM ConnectED / Lotusphere 2015

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