Join Me on IBM Watson Workspace


The IBM Champions for Social Business have been included in the beta (alpha?) of IBM Watson Workspace.  I am able to invite friends to join too.  I just need your IBM ID.  It should be an email address.  If you still have the old-school ID that was whatever username you wanted, you need to create one that is an email address.

Once logged in, you can follow the new features that are getting added here.
Looking forward to exploring the new technology driven by Watson.  I will share more about features after I get familiar with it.


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  1. Since you were asking.. it’s neither alpha nor beta.. just Preview 🙂

  2. Hello Notesguy,

    Can you please invite me? Please let me know how I can send you my IBM ID in a private message.

    Thank you!

  3. Jurjen van den Broeck


    Please invite me: jurjen.vdbroeck


  4. Can you invite me as well?

    Thanks a bunch!

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