2017 IBM Champions for ICS Just Announced

IBM just announced the list of people who have earned the title of 2017 IBM Champion for ICS (IBM Collaborative Solutions).


What is an IBM Champion?  To quote the champion of the Champions, Amanda Bauman:

These individuals are non-IBMers who evangelize IBM solutions, share their knowledge and help grow the community of professionals who are focused on social business and IBM’s Social Solutions. IBM Champions spend a considerable amount of their own time, energy and resources on community efforts — organizing and leading user group events, answering questions in forums, contributing wiki articles and applications, publishing podcasts, sharing instructional videos and more!


Congratulations to all of you IBM Champions on your achievements.  I am honored and humbled to be included again this year in such great company.  I believe your achievements as IBM Champions is just an indicator of the kind of leaders and top performing individuals you are.  You all set a very high standard to live by!  I also want to make a shout out to my friend and neighbor to the North (Vancouver, BC), Graham Acres of Brytek Systems who as also been recognized as an IBM Champion for ICS 2017.

Here is the complete list:

Adam Brown
*Adam Hunt
*Adrian Randall
*Alan Forbes
Andre Horak
Andrea Fontana
Andreas Ponte
*Andrew Magerman
Anett  Hammerschmidt
Benedek Menesi
Bill Malchisky
*Bjoern Duengefeld
*Brad Grissom
*Carl Fravel
Chris Miller
Christian Güdemann
Christoph Adler
Christoph Stöttner
*Colin Breckles
*Csaba Kiss
Daniel Lieber
Daniel Nashed
Daniel Reichelt
Daniele Grillo
*Daniele Vistsalli
David Hablewitz
David Leedy
Detlev Pöttgen
Devin Olsen
*Doug Morrison
Ellen Feaheny
Eric McCormick
Felix Binsack
Femke  Goedhart
Francie Tanner
Frank Gullo
*Frank Van der Linden
Fredrik Norling
Gabriella Davis
Giuseppe Grasso
*Go Kawakami



*Graham Acres
*Guillaume Gesnel
*Hogne Bø Pettersen
Howard Greenberg
*James Anderson
*Jamie Magee
Jan  Valdman
Jan F. Zeuthen
*Jan Krejcárek
*Jared Roberts
Jens Overgaard Dinesen
Jesse Gallagher
*Joao Vendruscolo
*Joerg Rafflenbeul
John Head
John Jardin
*John Stockbridge
Johnny Oldenburger
Julian Robichaux
Karen Hooper

Karl-Henry Martinsson
Kathy Brown
Kazunori Tatsuki
Keith Brooks
*Kenio Carvalho
Kim Greene
Klaus Bild
*Kris De Bisschop
Lars Samuelsson
*Leonardo Costa

*Makoto Ono
Maria Enderstam
Mark Myers
Martin Jinoch
Masahiko Miyo
Matteo Bisi
Michael McGarel
Mike Smith
Minesh Manilal
Mitsuru Katoh
Nathan Freeman

*Nico Meisenzahl
Oliver Busse
*Patrick Li
*Patrick Spedding
Paul Withers
Per Henrik Lausten
*Peter Cardon
Philippe Riand
*Remco Angioni
René Winkelmeyer
Richard Moy
Rob Novak
Robert van den Breemen
Roberto Boccadoro
Roberto Mazzoni
*Rodolphe Magnin-Feysot
*Ronald Dekkers
Rudi Knegt
*Sabrina Pick
Sandra Bühler
Serdar Basegmez
Sharon James
Siggi Meyer
Simon Vaughan
*Söhnke Grams
Stefan Gebhardt
Stefan Sucker
Stefano Benassi
Stephen McDonagh
Takeshi Yoshida
*Terry Boyd
*Terry Cartwright
Theo Heselmans
Thomas Lindberg
*Thomas Rickert
Tim  Clark
Tim Malone
Tony Holder
*Tony McPahil
Victor Toal
Wannes Rams




* = New IBM Champions for 2017

You can find links to many of their blogs at PlanetLotus.org  You can view more details about the Champion program at the IBM Social Business User Community.  And if you aren’t a member, consider joining the conversations in this user group community.  Also, we have a local user group for IBM technology here in the Pacific Northwest.
Visit our meetup page for more information.  See you at IBM Connect 2017!


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