How Customer Service Matters

I have blogged this topic before, but once again I am reminded just how important customer service is for building relationships.
To keep happy customers, you must keep customers happy.

I recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile One plan to get unlimited everything for 2 lines for $100. No additional fees or add-ons saving me about $45/month and increasing my plan to unlimited voice/text/data.  But the real difference became obvious after switching.

Here is my customer experience with Verizon…

My daughter got a new phone, but they didn’t have the case she wanted, so we went to the Verizon store close by to see their selection.  There were 5 employees wandering around with tablets and 3 other customers in the store.  “What is your phone number?” one asked me.

“Oh, I don’t need help with my phone or service.  I’m just buying a case for my phone.”
She walked away as I started searching for the case the would fit my phone.  After several minutes of searching (with no help from the employee), I found what I needed and proceeded to the cashier desk.  Employees kept walking past me with their tablets, avoiding all eye contact. I stopped one asked him to ring up my purchase.

“Did you check in?” he says.
“No, I’m just buying a case for my phone.”
“I need to add you to the waiting list.  What is your phone number?”
He takes my number down and then walks away.  After 10 more minutes someone finally came and sold me the case. Yes, I was in the store for 20 minutes to buy a phone case.  You might be asking “why didn’t you just leave?”  I stayed because I wanted closure.  Yep. I made a great choice.

Here is my customer experience with T-Mobile…

A few days earlier I switched my service to T-mobile.  My daughter got a new phone, but I’m using my Verizon-branded Galaxy S5 while I wait for my new S8 that arrives later this month.  My phone can work on both networks, but it doesn’t get a good T-Mobile signal at home.  No problem.  They sent me a signal booster. (My daughter’s phone works fine.)  Then 3 days later I got another call asking how service is and if everything is OK. This is what good customer service sounds like.

So what kind of follow up did I get from Verizon after switching?  This email:


Yes, that is an unbelievable price. $80 PLUS TAXES AND FEES for a SINGLE line.
Wondering what that little asterisk means in “When you enroll in Auto Pay*”?
Here it is at the bottom of the email:


$30 activation fee
17.4% telecom charges
$0.21 regulatory
$1.23 Administrative/line/mo
Others by area
Gov’t taxes & our surcharges add 7% – 46%

Come back today? I don’t think so.
Apparently quality customer service is not an option.
As T-Mobile CEO John Legere clearly understands from the video above,
listening to the customer makes all the difference.


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