What is coming in Domino V10

(Updated: Here is the link to the webcast)  I was very pleased at what was presented in IBM’s webcast today that was the result of the #domino2025 jam held earlier this year. (The replay will be posted shortly.)   While my focus is on administration, the app dev stuff coming is fantastic.  Look for Node.js to be an integral part of the tools available for Domino developers.  Also coming is easy porting to mobile.  They are making great progress with apps on the iPad.

Big items for admins:
– Faster, slimmer, better-looking Notes client
– increasing the maximum database size to 256GB (up from 64GB).  For databases this is great, but I don’t look forward to users with mail files that large.
– SAML IDP improvements for Single Sign On (SSO)
– Auto updates to the Notes client
– Team Calendars
– Docker Enterprise Edition Domino images
– Further expansion of Domino Applications on the Cloud (DAC)
– Domino V11 was also mentioned

I will leave more of the details to other bloggers.  Yes, there were a few brief demos of some things already working, but that was not the focus of this presentation. It was more about the…wait for it… ROADMAP! (wuhoo!)
(For those of you who have seen my question list at the “Ask IBM” sessions at Lotusphere/Connect/Think, you understand my excitement.)  The 45+ minute presentation went really fast with a clean, polished look and feel.  Which reflects that they took the hint seriously when people asked for marketing improvements to match the value of the software.

Clearly the energy and commitment is there like we haven’t seen before.  OK, nothing will ever match the Ray Ozzie days, but Ray was the Babe Ruth of software innovation.  I expect companies currently committed to other vendors’ software suites, who don’t know anything about Lotus Notes today, will soon be making Domino V10 a part of their strategic software portfolio.  And this fits with their mission:

[To be] The application platform that business users tap to solve their collaboration intesnsive business problems — anyone, anywhere.

But hey, that’s me, Mr. Vegas.  Speaking of Vegas, they said to expect much more at IBM Think Conference next month in Las Vegas.  If you haven’t registered yet, contact me directly and I can give you a secret code provided to IBM Champions for a discount.


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