Las Vegasphere 2018: Day 1 (IBM Think)

Here is a quick recap of my first impressions of IBM Think.

I have spoken at numerous user group conferences in the past, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to speak at an IBM conference.  My session was in the very first time slot on the very first day and I am thankful for that.  It was nice to do it and get it over with so I could not be distracted by it during the conference.  The room was packed even.




I took this photo shortly before starting my session.  People kept coming in throughout the session and by the end the room was almost completely full.  Later several people told me how they had wanted to attend my session, but they were stuck for over 1.5 hours waiting in line to get their badges.  Glad I picked up my badge on Saturday!  Here is what the hallways look like between sessions:


And if you are planning to attend a session, you had better be there well before the previous session has ended or you won’t likely get in.  I was turned away from two sessions I wanted to see because they filled up (and had 30+ people standing at the back).  As you can see by the photo of my session, they don’t have large rooms, at least not when you consider there are 30,000+ attendees.

Lunches are provided as box lunches…



But nowhere to sit…


I chose to go outside and find the Mandalay Bay equivalent of the lake between the Dolphin and Swan…


Later in the day I visited the Think Academy which has all the  IBM labs and a lounge-style area.  I later learned there was a big event in the Think Theater.  The show was in the round.  I missed all but the very end…


I will say I’m having a very difficult time with scheduling using the app.  How do I say this…  It sucks.  And with many dozens of sessions at each time slot, the noise-to-sound ratio is tough for me.  Every time the app is opened it wants to push a whole set of schedule updates too.  Considering the app is the only way to know what is happening,  IBM might consider recruiting the people from the ICS community who always did a fantastic job with the app for the Lotusphere/Connect conference.

Finally it was off to the reception at the vendor area.  This place is HUGE.  Sorry, no photo.  I’ll get one tomorrow.  The mass of humanity is a bit of overload.  But this is Las Vegas.  The only place that isn’t noise, lights, and people is the hotel room.  Just as well, I want to spend a bit of time for my next presentation tomorrow on public speaking skills.  I’m not sure if there is any place to go for an early morning run.  Missing the Disney Boardwalk right about now.


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  1. There are runs scheduled with other Think folks… I hesitate to suggest but go to app and see wellness morning run at 6:30 am:

    Take time to focus on mind, body and spiritual wellbeing with a morning run daily at 6:30am. Leaving from the Shark Reef entrance at Mandalay Bay, this group run led by Tim Kelly and Team will include a 90-minute run, 15-minute cool-down and 15-minute stretch.

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