Would you intentionally hit someone with your car?


Scenario:  You’re driving down a rural 2 lane highway with no shoulders.  You see some people on bicycles ahead and slow down because just as you reach them you enter a NO PASSING zone and the road goes around a long, sweeping blind curve to the left.  The cyclists have spread out to ride 2 abreast so you can only pass them when it is safe to use the other lane.  This is the prescribed procedure for bikes and any other vehicle.  You are stuck behind them waiting for the passing zone, or so it would seem.  Would you ever do this?…

I live on the eastside (that is all the cities on the other side of Lake Washington from Seattle.)  I like to ride my bike to get places (and avoid traffic) as well as for exercise.  I also drive a car and own a house and have a daughter, family, friends.  I run a business and have people working for me that rely on me.  It is easy to become disconnected from the reality of our actions as we drive behind the wheel, windows up, radio playing.  It feels more like a video game than actually being there.  It is easy to forget that the person walking along the street or traveling on the bike is not a target, but a person.  Never, ever allow yourself or anyone else to get away with this brutal behavior.

Read the full story about this video: https://www.bike198.com/ill-ride-road-bike-road/


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