A Dozen Business Solutions You Need. All on One Platform.

I have been asking — begging — HCL that businesses don’t need platforms. They need solutions. Solutions to common business problems. Domino is an incredibly powerful platform on which businesses can build solutions. But businesses want more than just an email app out of the box. To make Domino more valuable on Day One, it should include a collection of apps for the most common business problems.

HCL came through. Check out these dozen sample apps that are included with the Domino Volt ecosystem just released with Domino V12. These can replace a dozen different applications, subscriptions, or services that I previously had to buy — and administer. That is 12 different apps I had to worry about managing users’ access, deploying, securing, and backing up. And there wasn’t a good way to integrate them with each other because they were each a standalone solution. HCL has (re)started something here that I hope is just the beginning. Domino provides the platform to quickly develop custom business apps, but now it can also provide these most common business solutions right out of the box with Domino Volt. I’m expecting they will continue to expand the list. They went with a dozen to fit the release of version 12. You can read their details published by HCL. Here is the list:

  1. Candidate Recruitment
  2. Vacation Request System
  3. Asset Tracking
  4. Expense Tracking and Reimbursement
  5. Employee Onboarding
  6. Order Entry and Procurement
  7. Basic CRM /Sales Tracker
  8. Visitor Registration
  9. FAQ Management
  10. Case Management
  11. Event Management
  12. Online Booking (Healthcare)


Footnote: for #12, check out a feature-rich solution for managing your bookings at https://clickbook.net
This is vastly more complete and yes, built on Domino.


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  1. Are these included when you buy Domino V12? I thought you had to buy Volt as an extra license?

  2. Great to know that https://clickbook.net is built on Domino. Is it possible to share a technical overview of how the Domino platform is used to build and run the website? Whatever can be shared, if you please.


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