In Response to: How do you argue with those wanting to go to Google Mail?

In response to: How do you argue with those wanting to go to Google Mail?

First find out WHY they want to switch. Identify their pain. (Here are the 3 categories of pain along with examples: financial: to save money; strategic: to stay competitive in our business; personal: he has to work too much overtime with the current system)

Second, make your claim. Present your alternative solution strictly as it addresses their pain. Nothing more as it will only cloud the decision.

Third, show the gain. Demonstrate proof of how your solution will address their pain better than any other. Case studies where they can talk to the one who did it are best. Demos are next and lastly are well-described visions of the solution as it will reduce their pain.

Fourth, address the message in a way that it will directly reach their “Old Brain”.  There are specific ways of delivering the message that are more effective than others.  Writing a report and emailing it to the decision-maker is not one of them.  That is a total waste of time.  You must have a meeting in person to deliver the message successfully.

But what is the old brain? Start here: Google it and you may find more. Better yet, read the book “Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain”. I have been on a quest to find the same answer you seek. This is the best book I have found on the topic.  It will tell you all the steps I mentioned above as well has how to deliver the message. Technical people like us consistently fail to persuade or influence decisions because we use high order logic which does not facilitate decision-making.  It does not reach the Old Brain. Watch my blog for more on this topic soon. Meanwhile, take a break from reading websites and technical manuals and get this book from your library or Amazon and read it. I promise you, it will totally change your perspective on this issue.

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