Is your Inbox management a Mickey Mouse affair? It’s been a month. Is the scroll bar back?

As I prepare to head to Orlando, I saw a clip from Disney’s “Fantasia”.  All those brooms bringing bucket after bucket of water and nearly drowning Mickey Mouse.  Much like your inbox, yes?

Well a month ago I gave a suggestion on keeping your inbox empty enough so you don’t have to scroll to see all the messages.  You might have faithfully followed those steps in the beginning.  How long did it last?  A few days?  Maybe a week?  Here it is a month later and that scroll bar probably returned with a vengeance as if you had taken an axe to it like Mickey did to the broom and all the splinters became more brooms bringing even more water.  Don’t be discouraged.  Make a new folder “Inbox 2011” and start again.  Only through persistence will it become manageable and over time you will notice you go longer before the evil scroll bar shows up again.



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  1. I agree. GTD principles help me get to Inbox zero quite often. The principle that works for me is to take a few min and work through each mail asking the question – Is this reference,actionable or delegatable. The problem starts only when I don’t follow the principle – the dreaded scroll bar definitely returns then!!

  2. I loaned my copy of the book “Getting Things Done” to someone, but I don’t remember who. I’m sure they’ll return it as soon as they get rid of the scroll bar on their inbox.

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