In case you thought the student thing was limited to Lotusphere…

Kudos to GBS’ CEO Joerg Ott for keeping the momentum going on professional development for college students after Lotusphere. The following quote comes from an email sent by the Employer Relations Coordinator at University of South Florida to the student body:

“GBS CEO and Sponsor for College Day at Lotusphere2011 Joerg Ott will be visiting the USF campus and hosting a motivational presentation named “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” For those of you who attended Lotusphere2011 and did not get the opportunity speak to the dynamic and enthusiastic CEO, this is your chance to ask your questions! If you were not able to attend Lotusphere2011, this is the opportunity to meet the head executive who was instrumental in organizing the event.”

In addition to driving the College Day at Lotusphere 2011, Joerg invited 8 students in attendance to his home for an evening to mentor them where they could further develop their entrepreneurial goals. Clearly Joerg is not just doing this as a part of his job. It’s his passion. Joerg sets a great example that we can all learn from. You have your own passion. You have your own sphere of influence. Be sure those within it know your passion and are moved by it.


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  1. Great stuff David. Thanks for sharing.

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