MTBF for Windows 64 bit OS

(Update May 4, 2016: version for Domino 9.0 on aix, Linux, Solaris, and Win32 posted here.)  Thanks to John again.  I have now posted the Windows 64-bit version of MTBF here on my website.  The original post includes the database template and the 32-bit version of nmtbf.exe.  The new post includes the 64-bit version of nmtbf.exe and the database template.  The template is the same in both cases.  Hopefully there will soon be a version for other OS.  Perhaps it will even be added to the standard server install kit.

Here are a few screen shots of the type of information captured in the database:


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  1. Thx. Any chance for a linux port?

  2. Ulrich, excellent point and I already spoke to them about it. It’s all a matter of priorities. If you want it, you have to let IBM know. Go vote for it at IdeaJam:

    • David Preston

      Hi David, unfortnately I can not see any of the links to obtain the MTBF files. Would you mind emailing them to me, if I provided you my details or maybe even via dropbox?

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