The dirty little secret hiding in your Domino Directory

Your Domino directory may be filled with the Lotus Notes equivalent of bedbugs and you would never know it. They appear in the form of documents that don’t belong, but don’t appear in any views.

Occasionally, someone with rights to create documents in your directory will accidentally click paste or Ctrl-V when they shouldn’t have. Perhaps they were in the wrong database when they did it or maybe they meant to cut or copy instead of paste and the clipboard happened to have a Notes document in it when they did. Now a new document is in your directory that shouldn’t be. The problem is that unless the document that was pasted fits the selection criteria for a view, you’ll never see it.

The solution is simple. Create a view in the Domino Directory. I like to copy from the people view. Edit the design of the view and change the selection formula to be Select @All. Add a new first column to the view. Make the value the field called ‘Form’. Sort it and categorize it. You may want to put this viewt in your list of custom admin views if you have any. Open the view and collapse all. Look for any form names that don’t seem right for the directory. Below is a screen shot of a directory with most of the documents you should expect to see. If you see any form names like Memo orJournalEntry, you can be sure the document doesn’t belong.

I have come across some directories that have been around for a long time that had hundreds of junk documents. While it isn’t the end of the world, it is much better to have a clean directory.

All Documents view in Domino Directory


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  1. This could happen in any database, not just the directory. The problem might be if you were running a script against all documents which either bombed due to not having the right fields in those documents, or worse – made those documents start to display somewhere they shouldn’t.

  2. Excellent point, Maria. In fact, other databases can be even more susceptible because more people may have the authority to create documents. I present the Domino Directory here because this is one of the things I do when I audit a domain. Applications are a whole different animal when it comes to auditing their contents.

  3. I have found thousands of these in some directories. It is one of my favorite things to look at when we do a domain audit because it almost never fails to be a mess.

  4. A good reason to get a second opinion on your systems from someone like Rob periodically. Most issues aren’t as obvious and straight forward as this, but may have a much bigger impact. It’s impossible to blog about them all.

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