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#dominoforever Product Ideas Forum Posts – Part 1


Here are a few ideas I have posted on the Idea Jam forum for Notes & Domino. If you see one you want added to the product, please vote for it. While you’re there, take a look at the many other ideas that are being contributed by the community.  Post your own ideas too!

  1. Email retrieved via POP should display the date the message was received by the server, not the date it was POP’d

    When mail is retrieved using POP in Notes, the date/time stamp of the message is set to the date/time it was retrieved by Notes. It does NOT use the date the message was sent or the date it was delivered to the receiving mail system. As a result…
  2. Add feature to show recent downloads like web browsers do

    Add the feature to show the list of downloaded files (saved attachments) and make it possible to open the file from there. Every web browser does this. Many applications also include a Recent files list too. I was told this feature exists, but …
  3. Number the options in Preferences – Basic Notes Client Configuration – Additional Options list

    File – Preferences – Basic Notes Client Configuration – Additional Options.In V10 there are 44 options in the list. Number the list so it is easier to find a given option. Also include the number in the corresponding entry on the User Policy Set…
  4. Add “Notes Administrator client” to the list of products for ideas

    You have a choice for Notes. You have a choice for Domino Designer (and xPages) You do not have a choice for Notes Administrator. (See screenshot attached) Please add a category for Notes Administrator ideas. Just because there are more devel…
  5. After saving an attachment, provide a button to open the folder where the file was saved or open the file

    All web browsers provide a feature to open any file right after downloading it. Notes should do the same thing. -David Hablewitz



Write a Review of IBM Domino to Unlock a Donation for Girls Who Code!

If you work with IBM Domino / Notes, then take a moment to Click HERE to write a review of Domino and IBM will make a donation toward the Girls Who Code charity.  It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out the form, but your gift will support a worthy program.  Watch this short video to learn more about Girls Who Code.

Now click HERE to write your review and get IBM to make a donation.


Easter Egg in the Server Config Doc and How to configure Domino to restrict which groups can receive Internet mail

Sometimes you want email groups to receive email from the Internet, but you don’t want every group reachable that way.  IBM did a great job hiding it.

Watch the video or follow these steps to accomplish that:

  1.  Open the server configuration document for the Domino server that receives inbound Internet mail.
  2. Click on the Router/SMTP – Basics tab.
    Change the Address Lookup field from “Fullname then Local Part” to “Fullname only”.  (This forces the email address to be an exact match.  Otherwise spammers can make random guesses that will more likely resolve.
  3. Click on the Router/SMTP – Restrictions and Controls – SMTP Inbound Controls tab.
    In the Inbound Intended Recipients section, change the “Verify that local domain recipients exist in the Domino Directory” field from “Disabled” to “Enabled”.  

  4. When that field is enabled, two additional fields will be displayed.
    Change the “Reject ambiguous names” field from “Disabled” to “Enabled”.
    Leave the “Deny mail to groups” field set to “Disabled”.configDoc3

While I appreciate that it doesn’t allow changing these two additional fields until you enable the overall setting, I find it frustrating that these fields are hidden from view until the feature is enabled.  There are hundreds of settings for controlling mail routing scattered across server docs, server configuration docs, domain docs, etc.  They don’t need to make it harder to find the relevant setting by hiding them.  But that’s what makes the job challenging.  If you liked this tip, you may find this slideshare deck by IBM ICS Support Enginneer Jayesh Parmar helpful.

How to Win (or Judge) a Toastmasters Speech Evaluation Contest

Joining Toastmasters and speaking in front of members of your club can be intimidating.  So the thought of competing in front of strangers who are judging your performance can be downright terrifying.  Many Toastmasters would never even consider competing.  It is easy to forget that Toastmasters is a safe place to fail, not just in front of your friends in your own club, but in the company of Toastmasters everywhere in any Toastmasters setting.  The value of competing is in stepping further outside your comfort zone, experiencing the success of speaking to perform, and meeting people from other clubs who have the same goals.

It is not that only the best speakers compete, but rather
those who compete become the best speakers.

The following video is a speech I delivered at Willows Voices Toastmasters on 2/1/2019 giving a bit of insight into my experience competing and a few tips on the evaluation contest.  But whether you are competing in the Speech Evaluation, Table Topics, Humorous Speech, or International Speech, there is value in watching this short presentation.

Here are the links referenced in the video:
Judge’s Ballot for Evaluation Contest: videos on judging contests:
July 2018- June 2019 Contest Rulebook:

People often assume that the contests are only for those who are good speakers.  Au Contraire!  It is not that only the best speakers compete, but rather those who compete become the best speakers.

LOST CAT – Help me find Daisy!

My favorite non-human went missing on Superbowl Sunday, Feb 3, 2019 from our home in Bothell, WA near Woodinville, WA.  Then Monday morning we had 6″ of snow and temperatures have been down to 17 degrees.  She needs our help!

Daisy is shy, but sweet and though she probably won’t let you get too close, she will respond if you call her by name. Please keep an eye out for her, especially watch for “cat found” posts on Facebook or other social media.  If you see one, please Direct Message me on Facebook so I can respond quickly.  I may not notice comments posted here in time to be useful.  Thanks everyone for helping to rescue Daisy!

You can always comment on this post in my timeline:

BleedingBlue meetup: Whiskey & Watson, Carrots & Robots: Visual Recognition & Machine Learning Demo

If you’re in the Seattle / Bellevue WA area, don’t miss the next BleedingBlue IBM technology topics meetup.  The subject for this meeting is:
Whiskey & Watson, Carrots & Robots: Visual Recognition & Machine Learning Demo

Register at

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 from 5:45pm – 7:45pm
2 presentations

5:45pm – 6:00pm  Meet & Greet
Presenter: Lukas Peterson, IBM Technical Specialist Data Science and Business Analytics

We will dive into some data science techniques and tools using IBM’s Watson Studio. Using whiskey data, you’ll learn how to build a dashboard, machine learning model, and Watson visual recognition model all without coding.

Try out Watson Studio at
Micro Mobility, Autonomous Delivery and Robotics
Learn about dew•E, The AR app assists the user plan, plant and predict their garden harvests with the robot tasked to provide a per plant status update.

Inspiration:We are inspired by the very feasible prospect of combining spatial computing and robotics to do something as meaningful as growing food…where there wasn’t before,by the average person – like us.
What it does:dew•E solves for the creation and maintenance of a food-producing garden. dew•E provides the path of least resistance for people and communities to grow their own food.dew•E consists of a user experience empowered by AR + cloud analytics + robotic automation.

What is an IBM Champion?


I’m glad you asked. IBM describes it as:

“IBM Champions demonstrate both expertise in and extraordinary support and advocacy for IBM technology, communities, and solutions.

The IBM Champion program recognizes these innovative thought leaders in the technical community and rewards these contributions by amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence. IBM Champions are enthusiasts and advocates: IT professionals, business leaders, developers, executives, educators, and influencers who support and mentor others to help them get the most out of IBM software, solutions, and services.”

Champions are the people who put in the extra effort to make a difference in the technical community around IBM products.  There are several areas of expertise that IBM recognizes champions:

Cloud Integration
Power Systems

You can read more about it at the IBM Champion website and get more details about what they are and how to nominate someone for the recognition by watching this webcast from IBM.


Pre-release Domino 10 webinar on 10/4/2018 at 2PM EDT

1200x350_DominoV10_1Learn more about Domino 10 and a bit on how we can assist you in maximizing its benefits ASAP.  Register for the webinar  I am doing in conjunction with Sirius Computer Solutions and IBM.  The webinar is tomorrow at 2PM EDT.  It is free, but you must register in advance. Register here.

An important detail when fixing IBM Traveler for iOS 12 or inbound SMTP mail will quit working

If you have devices on iOS 12 and you have session-based authentication, you are probably getting complaints from users that they can’t get their email.  You may have already encountered Detlev Poettgen’s article on this or the IBM technote on the issue.  That technote is helpful, but it left out a subtle, but rather important detail.  You will also  need an internet site document for smtp too or your inbound Internet mail will stop getting accepted.  Read more at this IBM technote.

At least this gave me something to do as I sit here with Mom in ICU.  She does appear to be getting better too.

#Domino10 will be turning heads 10/10/2018 Launch Event Schedule. #IAM


Click here to see details on the blog post by Bob Schultz, General Manager IBM Watson Talent and Collaboration Solutions or
Click the image below to get to the PDF with live links.

Domino10 Event schedule

Thank you HCL for taking the Kryptonite out of IBM’s pocket!
Domino is truly Superhuman Software.



IBM Champion 2018 digital badge


ibm champions

Click to read more.

Learn About IBM Notes & Domino 10

Divergent Solutions is now a certified IBM Notes & Domino 10 Sales Advisor which is fancy-talk that means you can contact me to learn…


WHAT… the new features are in Notes and Domino 10 and the new partnerships
HOW… to take advantage of the new software and partnerships
WHY… these features and partnerships are going to radically change your company’s application development strategy


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