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If you support HCL Notes and Domino (formerly Lotus Notes and Domino) environments, you can get many great tips on how to be more productive and discover the wealth of features that only come with 25 years of software development. Follow HCL Digital Solutions’ Youtube channel.  Here is one example:  How to Delegate a User’s Mail and Contacts

Watch for tips that your users might appreciate and share the videos with them.


Grand Canyon Day 3: Redwall Cavern, Nautiloid Canyon and the Roaring Twenties

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I woke up at 5:15 today.  Slept mostly through the night.  Everyone was a bit anxious in the morning about rowing the Roaring Twenties, but no one more than me with Ariel onboard after nearly flipping the raft yesterday,  But I am much more confident again after a clean run through Twentyfour Mile Rapid, the first class 6 rapid of the day.  (The Roaring Twenties are the 5 miles of river starting at river mile 21,so named for the series of rapids that, by Grand Canyon measurements, are packed closely together — every half mile or so. There are 2 class 4’s, 3 class 5’s and 3 class 6 rapids)

River Guide Map - Roaring Twenties

River Guide Map shows rapids and campsites of the Roaring Twenties section

For breakfast we had eggs made to order…as long as you ordered scrambled eggs.  Not everyone got eggs because the first people took too much.  Guess that’s why it was supposed to be “made to order” instead of “self serve”.  Good thing there is other food to fill in.
It was a sunny day again.  This time we stopped for lunch at noon.  That makes a big difference.  Shortly after lunch we reached Redwall Cavern.  Wow! Everything is big in the Canyon!  The cavern is at river level and it’s huge.  Surprising the roof doesn’t cave in.  As we approached it, the size is deceptive.

Approaching Redwall Cavern

Approaching Redwall Cavern

Redwall Cavern is deceptively large as you approach

Redwall Cavern is deceptively large as you approach

Immense Redwall Cavern

Immense Redwall Cavern

The eddy beside the cavern is about a 1/4th mile long with a strong circulation upstream.  The cavern is at the lower end of the eddy, so we had to stay in the current until we were practically past the cavern before pulling in or we would just be pushed back upstream.  It’s tough to row these big rafts against the current, even when it’s just a recirculating eddy.

People sure get goofy here.  There is something about having a rock sky overhead that demands taking whacky photos.



We even played frisbee inside the cave.  It’s so big that if you stand at one end and throw it you can’t hit the other end.   Ariel played her cello here and Jay played his guitar too.  But the acoustics here aren’t as good as I had expected.

Ariel plays cello at Redwall Cavern, Grand Canyon

Ariel plays cello at Redwall Cavern, Grand Canyon (one of my favorite photos)

After awhile we packed up and headed down river.  (Not allowed to camp here)

Steve relaxing at lunch stop

Steve relaxing at lunch stop

Rowing is hard work

Rowing is hard work!

Living on Canyon Time

Living on Canyon Time

One of many rapids today

One of many rapids today

We reached camp at Nautiloid Canyon, mile 35, and there was a bit of confusion.  First everyone had a different idea of where to park the boats, then where to setup the kitchen, then the groover got set up in the open right where people were setting up their tents.  It really was comical.  If another group had seen us they would have thought we were the Keystone Cops. The problem was that half the campsite had been washed away recently from a flash flood that came down from the side canyon.  It cut a path 40′ wide and 6′ deep through the beach.   I relocated the groover to a more private spot.  The rafts were moved from in front of the washout to a spot further down the beach, just in case another flood comes.

Campsite at Nautiloid

Campsite at Nautiloid. Note the huge washout.

We had grilled chicken for dinner.  I’m getting spoiled with all of this good food!

cleaning up after dinner

Cleaning up after dinner

There is a short hike here, but no time to do it tonight.  We’ll have to check it out in the morning.

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WOW! An IBM Sametime ad via Google Ad seen while viewing a video!

Sametime ad in video

Check out the banner ad in this screenshot of a youtube video. It was served up to me by Google while I was watching a whitewater video on
Could this be part of a REAL advertising campaign showing a REAL product?! It isn’t exactly obvious what in the ad what the product is or does, but it’s getting the Lotus brand in front of people. Hopefully the ad selector doesn’t just show it to people who already know Lotus.

Don’t get too excited about one ad, It’s like one raindrop. But as we whitewater kayakers know, with enough raindrops, a little creek can be turned into a fun, raging river.
Kudos to those responsible.

Visions of the Future

Here are links to presentations from some major players on their vision of the future.  What do you think?

Dr. James Canton

To find out about how Social Media plays into this, be sure to watch the live stream of the 140 Characters Conference Northwest in Vancouver, WA at  on Thursday starting at 8:00 AM PST. Check out the schedule for the list of speakers and topics.  Bruce Elgort and Chris Martin will be speaking around 10:15.  I will be presenting around 8:55 AM.  If you miss the live feed, watch for the rebroadcast posts.

Twitter #140confNW
To quote from the conference website:

WHAT IS THIS CONFERENCE ALL ABOUT? The key focus of this conference is on how real time technology (like Twitter and Facebook) is changing business, government, healthcare, social services, media, education, celebrity – and everything.
There will be over 40 different presentations with nearly 70 speakers, all presenting back-to-back and all without the aid of powerpoint.   This is Storytelling 101.
For those who cannot attend in person, this conference will be live streamed on the internet.
WHEN & WHERE? Join us May 19, 2011, for the first Pacific Northwest 140 Character Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Vancouver, Washington.

One of the very first Lotus ads. Anybody know when this was made?

Old school Lotus info-mercial.  I love the Monty Python style. But it looks like they didn’t know how to explain what Lotus software was back then either.  If anyone knows the history behind this ad, please share it with all of us.

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