One of the very first Lotus ads. Anybody know when this was made?

Old school Lotus info-mercial.  I love the Monty Python style. But it looks like they didn’t know how to explain what Lotus software was back then either.  If anyone knows the history behind this ad, please share it with all of us.


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  1. hmm, this seems to be modified. I have the original version and it has nothing to do with IBM / IRIS / Lotus Notes at all.
    The last few seconds must have been added to the original video.

  2. upps, revied my copy and it seems that someone has removed the last seconds from the copy I have found on Youtube. My version is only 1:45 long

  3. I have it on my blog on the right column, history of the net, it was from the R4/5 days I believe. I used to show it when i presented around Europe then.

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